What Exactly Is Protected Desktop?

So many companies these days are boasting about their “cloud” offerings. And since vendors don’t always define the word “cloud” the same way, how is an end-user consumer supposed to figure it out? So for the purposes of this BLOG, think of the cloud as hosting something (apps and data) somewhere else besides your onsite PC’s and servers. Traditional cloud providers offer their application or shared data through the cloud but leave what’s running on an end-user’s PC alone. We at TMS Digital find significant flaws in this design.

First, the applications and data on the PC may not be backed up. So in case of a PC failure, the end user is left frantic trying to find the latest backup, if there is any. Days, weeks, or even months worth of work could be lost.

Second, the applications and data that sit on the PC may not be PROTECTED (see, we fit in the word protected) from malware or ransomware. If your PC is infected, you may lose all the information on it (that is, unless you have a backup).

Third, it’s confusing! Some data is on the server. Some data is on the PC. After a while, you’re not quite sure where the data is stored.

This is where Protected Desktop comes in. In addition to moving your server data to a secure location, we host your PC’s desktop. All the applications and data that run on the PC are stored on a server (yes, in the cloud). As such, the data is backup up daily (or even more often, if needed), and it is PROTECTED from malware and ransomware. All the user needs to do is turn on their PC, and click on an icon. Then your desktop appears. After a while, you forget your PC’s data is not stored on the PC.

Another advantage of Protected Desktop is that you can access your desktop from any device, whether it’s your work PC, your home PC, or even a mobile device. During the pandemic, our clients found this feature invaluable as they quickly moved from their offices to their homes.

So, if you’re interested in learning more, contact TMS Digital at 201-957-1616.


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